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Welding Simulator



WeldVR App Features

WeldVR All-in-One Local Analytics

Training and Learning Modes​

WeldVR Simulator App comes with both training and a learning module designed to maximize the training efficiency of the user with a large variaty of interactable examples as well as the most commonly welded joints such as Lap Joint, Tee Joint and Butt Joint.

WeldVR All-in-One Types

Different Welding types

The welding types included are TIG, MIG and STICK. Which come with different tracked paramenters to best describe the areas that the user can improve in.

WeldVR All-in-One Lessons

Interactive Learning Lessons​

WeldVR Welding Simulator has built-in interactive lessons for learning the basics of welding. The lessons included are: Welding Techniques, Defects, Setting weld machine parameters etc.

WeldVR All-in-One Tracking

Heatmaps and Guides

Guides aid in locating optimal welding points, speed tracking ensures consistent progress, angle tracking maintains ideal advance and operating angles, and distance tracking optimizes arc length.

weldvr stats

Built-In Grading System and Analytics

WeldVR features a sophisticated grading and scoring system based on the real-time tracking of user performance in terms of speed, angle and distance. The system records the movements of the user for further analysis.